Origin Agency
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Origin Agency approaches brand marketing from a real world perspective. We create brand packaging, merchandising and promotional programs that seamlessly make the transition from art board to retail shelf (and shopping basket). We look at the "whole brand," considering the brand story, display potential, consumer engagement and cost feasibility to design the optimal brand experience.

Origin Agency approaches marketing from a real world perspective. We look at the "whole brand” and create programming bridging the gap between the brand intent and the consumer experience.



Successful brands start with a defined, unique and flexible platform that connects brands to consumers and informs marketing, product development and communication decisions.


Brand Identity

We establish strong brand stories by developing a consistent voice, image and outlook that facilitates a real connection with consumers.


Package Design

Package development allows us to use established equity to bring the brand to life – whether it’s for a new product or developing a copack, VAP or line extension to the brand.


Point of Sale

Retail is the key to a product’s success. We develop displays, racks, enhancers, partnerships and supplemental elements to garner more attention and purchase at retail.



We concept, shoot and produce photography for many of our clients, managing all aspects of the shoot from pre-production to styling, lighting and production.


Experiential Design

We work with clients to create branded environments that immerse consumers in a brand and give them an unforgettable experience.


On-Premise Development

We create custom cocktails, bartender engagement programs, and consumer programming to get brands featured in the on-premise.


Retail Audits

Origin conducts a twice yearly retail audit, complete with insights and trends, in at least 10 states to share with our clients.