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We’re 10 and That’s a Big Freakin’ Deal


This month Origin Agency celebrates our 10th Anniversary! We’ve been alive and kicking for a decade and I am incredibly proud of the company that we’ve created. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting several articles, by each member of Origin Agency, reflecting on the past 10 years and looking forward to the next 10.


The very most important lesson that we’ve learned over the years is to put people first when making business decisions. Every. Single. Time. (For those of you who worked with me earlier in my career - I’m really, really sorry that it took me way too long to learn this lesson!)

We owe our success to the amazing people who took a leap of faith and came to work at Origin. So, we’re commemorating this anniversary by making life a bit more fun and inspiring for the people at the agency.


  • Had a phenomenal dinner last night at Stone Soup Cottage to toast our success with the staff and our significant others.


Are giving each member of Origin Agency funds and extra vacation days to take an inspiration trip. (Michelle’s first. She left today for Iceland.) As each trip is completed, we’ll be sharing photos, writings, and other things we’ve created.

  • Are getting out of the office for a group activity at least once per quarter.

  • Have given each employee a stipend for training, classes or conferences.

  • Made some special donations to charity. (We started with a donation to help Hurricane Harvey recovery.)

  • Are searching for new office artwork.

We hope you’ll keep watching for our updates and posts. Here’s to the next decade!

Julie Wood