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Never Say Never


I joined the Origin Agency team during the summer of 2010. I was bound and determined to never work in an agency again, I was tired of the culture and intensity. I much preferred doing freelance writing and account service, making my own schedule. I wasn’t planning to join the team permanently, but I did want to work on their very cool projects for SKYY Vodka. After about a month though, I was having too much fun and Julie Wood (my now boss and mentor) offered me a job. I gleefully accepted.

The last 7+ years have been so wonderful for me on both a professional and personal level and that is absolutely no accident. The agency is set up in order for each staff member to thrive in every facet of our lives – creatively, strategically, emotionally and mentally. In that time, I’ve gained and lost a lot…

…I have gained a stronger sense of self and command for my work.

…I have lost (most of) the arrogance of my youth.

…Due to some tight timelines, I’ve gained a few gray hairs.

…I’ve lost my temper a few times, and have always gained forgiveness with love and compassion.

…I’ve gained an awareness to slow down, eat the chocolate, and to do yoga as much as possible.

…I’ve lost the fervor to be so hard on myself and gained an appreciation for taking it easy.

…I gained a position with a group of people in a creative organization that allows me to live the life I want. I gained all of these from a…job. Isn’t that something? You always hear people talking about how they can’t wait to retire or how much they dread going into work. I don’t. I love my job. I love coming to work.

…I gained enough awareness to know that what I listed above is more than anyone could ask for in a company and I know just how lucky I am.

It’s been seven years of a lot of work, more laughter than I can recount and creative collaboration that has allowed me to all grow professionally and creatively. And for that seven years, and for our clients, vendors, and particularly my teammates, I’m eternally grateful.