Origin Agency
The Wellspring of Creativity




Ten years ago, Apple launched the first iPhone, the pound sign became a hashtag, Mad Men filled their lungs, and everyone started keeping up with the Kardashians. While Harry Potter’s final chapter was closing, theories of the Big Bang began. Another great idea materialized that year with the origin of Origin Agency. Three very talented people came together to create a better agency model. It not only worked, it succeeded, and has grown into its double-digit year.

I started working at Origin (OA if you will) 8 years ago and was the first employee. I have seen the business grow, adapt, and have been witness to and a part of its successes. I love what I do and who I work with. Origin is a playground for my mind and my heart and I love that so many unique opportunities and experiences are tossed my way. It’s not a job here, it’s a privilege. I also love that I can bring my dog, Finn, to the office – further making this place my home away from home. He has been an employee for 7 years and gratefully collects his pats and treats in exchange for guarding us from the postal workers. If you would please send future mail smeared in peanut butter, he would appreciate it. His request, not mine.

My favorite memories center around our concept meetings and outings/travel. In concept meetings, we stretch our brains and usually come up with the most insane ideas. These ideas aren’t always on track with why we sat down to meet BUT those turn out to be the best conversations. Each of our personalities shine through. It’s like gathering around a family dinner and telling stories, making jokes, saying inappropriately hilarious things, but leaving knowing that each person has grown and learned something new. Lance, Michelle, and Megan are the big pie-in-the-sky thinkers, Elaine always keeps us current and thinking, and Julie and myself are the ones to keep everyone grounded. This combination is how the best ideas originate. See what I did there? I would apologize for the terrible pun, but Timbaland told me it’s too late. Ok, I’ll stop using references that were “so 10 years ago.”

Looking back on how Origin came to be is nice to reflect upon, but I’m most excited about what’s to come. I will now take a que from the 2007 writer’s strike and stop. I’m a designer after all. The fewer words, the better.

Happy 10th Birthday, Origin.

I don’t know what I’d do without you. Too mushy, but true.


Jenny Kruse